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Grace Peterson, Certified Massage Therapist

Put Yourself First

My promise to you...

After my first day of my massage therapy program, I realized that this was my calling. Almost exactly 4 years after that first day of school, I opened my private practice office in Encinitas, CA which has steadily grown and I couldn't be happier with its success. I am now full time at the office and it's my dream come true!

My goal for each one of your sessions with me is for you to experience my passion and gratitude for being able to do work that I love. I build each session for what you need the moment you walk through the door whether that means a deep, focused session or a gentle and emotionally oriented session. I want to deliver the most effective treatment for you that day which may mean we do the exact same thing as the week before or something completely different.

My promise to you is to show up 100 percent each day, mind, body and spirit, and to practice self care as much as I preach it so that I can continue to help you heal. Thank you for helping me live my life's purpose and I look forward to our next session together!




256 North Coast Highway
Encinitas, CA 92024, Suite C


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Fall in love with taking care of yourself... Body, mind and spirit.


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